Teachers across Nebraska and Iowa do more than teach lessons - they inspire children, believe in children, and show them the way. These teachers go about quietly shaping the next generation by opening minds and nurturing personal growth. It's more than a job - it's an investment in the future.

As your community’s academic health partner, CHI Health understands the power of education. That’s why we’re pleased to offer teachers throughout the region a new classroom resource: LifeU, hands-on lessons for healthier students.

Each LifeU lesson - for grades K, 7 and 12 - puts an interactive, age-appropriate spin on an important life topic, such as the difference between good and bad germs, skin cancer prevention and healthy sleep habits. The curriculum was developed in partnership with Midland University and under the direction of Dr. Kerry Williams, associate professor of education.

LifeU is completely free. Simply place your order below and a LifeU box will arrive within two weeks with everything you need - from health standards and objectives to materials and resources.

As an academic health system, CHI Health feels an affinity with educators like you who strive every day to engage young minds. We’re excited that LifeU can help you bring new lessons alive for your students.



Curriculum includes:

Lesson 1: What is a germ and where are they found?
Lesson 2: How can we keep germs from spreading? Hand washing
Lesson 3: How can we keep germs out? Body Battles
Lesson 4: Are all germs bad? Sharing vs. Not Sharing
Lesson 5: What are healthy activities for your body?
Lesson 6: How can stretching help your body?
Lesson 7: What kinds of foods do kids need?
Lesson 8: What is the difference between whole foods and processed foods?

Curriculum includes:

Lesson 1: What is the difference between a burn and a sunburn?
Lesson 2: What is skin cancer?
Lesson 3: How can you protect yourself from ultraviolet rays?
Lesson 4: How does sunscreen protect you from ultraviolet rays?
Lesson 5: What’s that smell?
Lesson 6: What is acne?
Lesson 7: How much sugar am I drinking?
Lesson 8: How can I keep my teeth clean and breath fresh?

Curriculum includes:

Lesson 1: What are the benefits of exercise?
Lesson 2: How do I schedule a doctor’s appointment?
Lesson 3: How can I eat healthfully on my own?
Lesson 4: What are some misconceptions about alcohol and drug use?
Lesson 5: What are resources for mental health?
Lesson 6: What are the benefits of good sleep habits?

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