Cost Estimator

We want to empower you with valuable information to help you and your family make important health care decisions.

Cost Estimator

Things you should know:

  • Pricing: On this website, you will be able to find the general price estimate of the procedure you plan to have.
  • Procedures vary: Keep in mind that procedure costs can vary, for example when considering a gallbladder operation, for one person this may be very straight-forward while another person can have unforeseen complications that will impact the cost.
  • Hospital costs: Additionally, "hospital" costs do not include costs charged by others outside the hospital but who are involved in a patient’s procedure such as physicians, some radiologists and anesthesiologists.

MD Save

CHI Health has partnered with MD Save to bring more affordable healthcare to the region. MD Save helps you save money by prepaying your bill online before your doctor’s visit. Save on radiology/imaging procedures, lab services, therapy, and much more!

HRA, FSA, and HSAs can be used to purchase vouchers. Also, many purchases are eligible to be used toward your deductible, but contact your insurance company for eligibility details.  

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