Clinic Safety Precautions

Entry Screenings and Masks

So we're trying to help keep you safe and healthy while you come to see your provider at our CHI Health clinics. As you come into the clinic, just as we've been doing for quite some time now, you'll meet one of our greeters who will ask you some screening questions about your exposure, risks and symptoms you're having. One of the new things we are doing is we are asking everybody in our clinics to be wearing a mask. If you're feeling healthy that day, you can continue wearing the cloth face mask that we've all been asked to wear anytime we are in public. If your having symptoms of a cough, or a sore throat, or a fever, or things like that, we’ll ask that you switch that cloth face mask for one of our hospital-grade surgical masks for an added layer of protection. Likewise your health care team will be wearing masks as well so we are all keeping each other safe.

Electronic Check-in Option

For an electronic check-in option, you can use the MyChart app set up for your account. You'll get a notification 24 hours before your appointment allowing you to check-in through your MyChart account where you can update your information about your address and phone number, your insurance information, your medical conditions and medications and all of that to speed up the check-in process and to keep you from having to do that with one of us and keeping you a safe distance at home.

Increased Cleaning

We've always been very careful about keeping our clinics clean and germ-free but we've increased the amount of that that we're doing. Every hour we disinfect all of our surfaces and we have reduced the amount of things in our spaces just to reduce, again, you having to be closer to other people's germs and to keep everything clean for all of us.

Decreased Contact

In addition to providing electronic check-in if you do come in to check-in person we've decreased the amount of touching to be done. So you'll be asked to swipe your credit card if you're going to use that to verify information. We don't need to take your ID card or your credit card from you just to decrease that touching.

Waiting Rooms & Appointment Times

Also even within that we have separate parts in our waiting area - healthy people being in one waiting area and people that are having respiratory symptoms in another part of the waiting area. We are also trying to get you back into a routine exam room to keep you separated from anybody else in our clinics.

We've also been taking care of how we schedule your appointment. When possible we're trying to schedule appointments for healthy people in the morning and for people that are having symptoms of illness in the afternoon to keep separated.

Virtual Visit Options

When you call to schedule an appointment you'll be given several options depending upon why you need to be seen. Sometimes we do need to see you in the clinic and you'll be invited to schedule an appointment to come in and see us, and again we're making you safe to do that. But, for the right purposes we might consider offering you a virtual visit where you can visit with your provider via video chat or a telephone call to be able to take care of you and keep you separated. But we know you need to come in sometimes and we're doing things to make sure that that is a safe opportunity for you as well.