Sr. Maurita Soukup

Sr. Maurita Soukup, RSM, RN, MSN, PhD

Health Trustee and Nurse Consultant/Researcher
Sister of Mercy of Americas - West Midwest Regional Community
Omaha, Neb.

Sister Maurita Soukup, RSM, Health Trustee and Nurse Consultant/Researcher, is a Sister of Mercy of the Americas – West Midwest (WMW) Regional Community. With critical care nursing rooting her life ministry, she brings commitment and leadership vision to those served within our healthcare services.  

Currently Sr. Maurita serves as a board member to several Medical Centers, two Regional Healthcare Systems, one of which is CHI Health, and a catholic college, all located in Iowa and Nebraska. She is a member of two Board Executive Committees and also serves on the several board committees that oversee Quality & Safety, Credentialing, Compliance, Finance and Ethics.

As a nurse consultant researcher, Sr. Maurita is a lead reviewer for the American Nurses Association Credential Center’s Pathway to Excellence Program and contributor to system-level projects such as a virtual nurse pilot, evidence-based practice and model©, and research-driven practice in linking quality with finance for clinical excellence and responsible stewardship.   

Within her religious community, she is vice-chair/secretary to the WMW Health Ministry Council where she has cultivated a deep appreciation for the diversity, complexity and evolving sponsorship relationships with leading-edge Catholic Healthcare systems and single entity hospitals.

She notes: 

    “My passion for nursing empowered a life ministry in ‘care of the critically ill’ through clinical excellence, servant leadership and prayer. It still guides and inspires my ministry.”

Academically, Sr. Maurita is a diploma RN graduate, followed by her BS and BSN degrees. In 1975, she received a MSN in cardiovascular clinical nurse specialization from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In 1989, she earned a DNSc/PhD degree with an emphasis in critical care nursing from The Catholic University, Washington, DC. Professionally, Sr. Maurita has practiced in various medical centers located in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Alabama, Connecticut and Washington DC with varying responsibilities ranging from bedside nurse to founding Director for the Center for Advanced Nursing Practice in Lincoln, NE; Administrative Resident in Hartford, CT; Eastern Iowa Heart Institute in Cedar Rapids, IA; Vice President for Iowa Heart Hospital in Des Moines, IA. She is a member of several professional organizations and has served as a Board Member to AACN and its Certification Board, AORN’s Certification Board, EDNA’s Certification Committee and others. She is published.   Recently she was recognized as a Nurse Visionary by the University of Alabama in Birmingham for her numerous leadership contributions in critical care nursing, evidence-based practice and the ‘Scholarship of Practice’ (bedside practice), research and publications.